Heroes of Arctic


Alexey Fyodorovich Tryoshnikov

Alexey Fyodorovich Tryoshnikov

Alexey Fyodorovich Tryoshnikov (1914-1991) – Russian oceanographer, geographer, explorer of the Arctic and Antarctic, Director of the Arctic and Antarctic research Institute, head of the Geographic community of the USSR.

As a student of Geology-soil-geographical faculty Alexey Tryoshnikov was preparing to work in the field of geography of polar countries. His training took place under the guidance of a prominent oceanographer Yuly Shokalsky – one of the leading specialists of the program of the Northern sea route development.

In 1938 A. Tryoshnikov as a technician-hydrologist went on the first sea voyage to the Kara sea on the motorboat "Ivan Papanin". After graduation, he immediately began to work in the Arctic Institute.

During the great Patriotic war A. F. Tryoshnikov provided combatant operations of the Northern fleet and transportation along the Northern sea route with meteorological data.

In the postwar years, Alexey Tryoshnikov participated in many High-latitude air expeditions and was one of the first discoverers of the underwater Lomonosov ridge in the Arctic Ocean.

In 1949 A. Tryoshnikov was awarded the Gold Star of Hero of Socialist Labor for his research.

A. F. Tryoshnikov supervised several drifting stations "North pole", and the second Continental Antarctic expedition. As head of the Arctic and Antarctic research Institute, Alexey Fyodorovich initiated many research and greatly expanded the study of the Arctic region.

For his achievements and contribution to Arctic research Alexey Fyodorovich Tryoshnikov was awarded three orders of Lenin, medals, "Badge of Honor" and the order of the October revolution. The research vessel and even a small planet in space are named after him.

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