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Lenin, the first nuclear-powered ship

Lenin, the first nuclear-powered ship

Nuclear-powered icebreaker "Lenin" is the first ship in the world with a nuclear power plant. Project developed in 1953-55. August 25, 1956 the ship was laid in Leningrad, and December 5, 1957 "Lenin" was launched.

The project was created primarily for the needs of the Northern Sea Route. The use of nuclear-powered icebreaker has significantly extend the navigation on the route.

Features that provide icebreaker in the Arctic - pilotage for the entire length of the Northern Sea Route, "northern delivery" to the settlements in the Arctic, delivery of scientific expeditions, the supply of military equipment and food objects.

The use of nuclear energy in the shipping industry was a huge breakthrough. Many come to learn on the go. Since the installation of the reactor analogues was not. "When I came to the icebreaker, the trainer I had control point reactor plant. On the working reactor I was trained under the supervision of more experienced colleagues. For Europe, this method is not real, they must first prepare the people and then to design the ship. We are all solved by extreme approach, but quite successful, "- said in an interview the chief mechanic of the atomic icebreaker «Lenin» Vladimir Kondratyev.

«Lenin» was decommissioned in 1989 and sent to the eternal postscript to the port of Murmansk. Today, the world's first nuclear-powered icebreaker open to the public as a museum.