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Polar Explorer day

Polar Explorer day

May 21, Russia celebrates the Day of the polar Explorer. This holiday appeared not so long ago — it was established by presidential decree in 2013. For the first time the idea was expressed by the member of the Federation Council, the special representative of Russian President on international cooperation in the Arctic, Artur Chilingarov in 2012. But on live television call-in show with V. Putin on 25 April, the question was asked by Nikolay Kornilov, Vice-President of Association of polar explorers of St. Petersburg.

The date choice is not random —the first drifting polar station "North pole-1" was opened on May 21 in 1937. The expedition leader was Ivan Papanin.

The unique format of expeditions, introduced by Soviet researchers, is used in the development of the Arctic today. In 2015 to conquer the pole went the expedition "North pole-41". Professional holiday of the brave explorers of the Arctic is celebrated by explorers throughout the country. Festive events are held on land and in the ocean. This year a solemn meeting of Polar explorers Association took place in Moscow under the leadership of A. N. Chilingarov. The festival gathered more than 500 people from all over Russia and from abroad.

During the meeting there were presented the reports of public commissions of the Association of polar explorers in the field of Ecology, Science and Higher school", "Science and technology", "Social projects", "veteran", a "Spiritual, cultural and natural heritage", "Information systems and telecommunications". Among the major plans of work of the commissions has made a proposal to create a "Public environmental standard, which will be offered to all actors working within the boundaries of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation.

Were also awarded the medals of “Honorary polar Explorer", which mark the contribution of people of different professions to the study and development of the region.
"Arctic time" joins in congratulations!