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Sannikov Land

Sannikov Land

In the history of Arctic exploration a lot of mysteries and legends. One of them - the legendary Sannikov Land.

Sannikov Land is non-existent island in the Arctic Ocean. Only in 1937, after the alleged location of the island has been investigated with the help of an icebreaker and Arctic air was finally proved: Sannikov Land does not exist.

The first mention of the island dating 1811 year, then fur seller Yakov Sannikov was first announced that the north of the island there is a Boiler Island. Before that Sannikov was famous as the discoverer of the islands pole and Faddeev, so it seemed very plausible version.

Another fact in favor of the existence of Sannikov Land began observing migratory birds - each spring polar geese rushed off to the north, and the fall back with the offspring.

Yakov Sannikov in the 1810-11 attempted to reach the mysterious island dog sledding, but his attempts, as well as the expedition Peter Anjou in 1824, ended in failure.

Thus arose the myth of the unknown land, which lies 79 degrees north latitude, but will drive for life. His most famous and tragic victim was baron Eduard Toll. Toll has participated in many polar expeditions mountainous coast farther north Siberian Islands and it is visually recorded in 1886 and 1893. He dreamed to find Sannikov Land and inspired the Imperial Russian Geographical Society in the polar expedition.

June 8, 1900 the schooner "Zarya" came from St. Petersburg.

The expedition made many important geographic, cartographic and other scientific research. In 1902, the participants were divided. Baron Toll landed on the island Bennett in the hope that it will soon come to them "Dawn". But it did not happen. Organized winter 1903 expedition to rescue the group Toll could not find traces of the group. It is now believed that the Toll teammates died while trying to leave the island of Bennett on ice.

Tragic death of Baron Toll, perseverance shown by the Toll colleague, member of the expedition Alexander Kolchak An attempt to save a lot of head agitated the minds of his contemporaries. In 1906, Kolchak spoke to Russian Geographic society a report stating that the party Toll died, and Sannikov Land, or rather just does not exist.

Writer Vladimir Obruchev created a science fiction novel "Sannikov Land." It intrepid explorers reach uncharted beautiful land inhabited by two tribes - Wamtu and Onkilons, as well as many animals, extinct on the matter, including mammoths. However, due to climatic changes that occurred in the fertile island, the locals up in arms against the pioneers, and they all left the Sannikov Land.


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