The Northern Sea Route


The Northern Sea Route - the prospects for development

The Northern Sea Route - the prospects for development

At the international conference "Transport and Logistics in the Arctic-2015" speakers paid special attention to the Northern Sea Route.

In particular, Viktor Olersky, Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, announced facts:
- 65 million tonnes per year - a volume of traffic along the NSR is expected by 2020
- More than 50% of transportation provide port Sabetta, the rest will cover the offshore projects in the Kara and Barents Sea

The Conference addressed the issues of the state strategy of development of transport and logistics infrastructure, transport infrastructure projects and prospects of development of maritime communications, as well as new transport technology and logistics solutions for the Arctic region.

Also, we have discussed various aspects of the development of the Northern latitudinal . Passport of the projected railway soon after TRANSARCTICA 2015 was approved in Moscow.
An important aspect of the development of SMEs - developing its own fleet of ice-class, not only icebreakers, LNG and large tonnage, - experts agree.