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"Victory" Field in the Kara Sea

"Victory" Field in the Kara Sea

Kara Sea - northern Russian sea, which is limited in the east to the Taimyr Peninsula, and in the west to New Earth. It is there that began to explore and develop new oil and gas fields that provide the world with energy for decades to come.

Last winter the Federal Agency for Subsoil Use found that in the southern part of the Kara Sea is a sufficiently large number of potentially rich oil and gas fields. In late September, "Rosneft" drilled a vertical well, "University 1" depth of over 2,000 meters. The results were unique. There have been found 338 billion cubic meters of natural gas and 100 million tons of oil, and oil of very high quality (comparable to the oil premium Siberian Light). This result for the first exploratory drilling impressive.

This field is called "Victory", as the overall victory of all those who developed it, as if in anticipation of the new, equally interesting results.

Technical support to field development project in the Kara Sea had an American company ExxonMobil, as well as Nord Atlantic Drilling, Schlumberger, Halliburton, Weatherford, Baker, Trendsetter, FMC.

"Victory" is certainly a landmark project eyed worldwide. The Arctic is the last undeveloped oil and gas regions in the world, so many companies from around the world will seek to somehow participate in the Arctic projects, especially in the "Victory" and other fields of the shelf.

Deputy Director General of National Energy Security Foundation Alexander Pasechnik comments in the newspaper "Vedomosti" said that "the Arctic shelf - is the priority of the next 20 years", that is, extracting oil and gas there, we are working on a strategy. Potentially, future generations will be provided precisely due to this shelf.

Russian Ministry of Natural Resources at the stage of preparation for the study area stated that the deposits of the Kara Sea is more than 41.21 billion tons of oil and gas. This is slightly less than half of the known resources of the Arctic shelf of Russia. A deposit of "Victory" is already larger than the volume of hydrocarbons Gulf of Mexico and the Arctic shelf of Alaska and Canada, and is comparable only to Saudi Arabia.
Now in Russia produced 520 million tons of oil per year, thanks to a new mine, the gap that keeps our country in the world leaders in the oil increases.